Allan Lloyds focuses on new and future trends


Allan Lloyds is the world’s leading provider of niche business conferences across banking, pharma, telecom, chemical or retail industries. We believe in quality over quantity and that is why our main goal is to gather the top leaders of Fortune 500 companies and provide them with the opportunity to meet like-minded people to discuss everyday challenges with. Join our clients who are already using the knowledge gained at our conference and drive your company forward!


We are determined to create a place where C-level experts can meet, network and share their insights and knowledge, all this in a friendly atmosphere. Our conferences within multiple industries are the place to be if you want to stay on top of current trends and learn from the best within the field.


Looking to increase your brand awareness and create new contacts that can help your company grow? Exhibiting at our events brings you directly to senior-level executives that are eager to hear about the products and services you offer. Help them make their lives easier and be the solution they are looking for!


We appreciate your interest to speak at one of our events. The success of our conferences is directly related to the high level of industry experts presenting and that is why the opportunity to speak is normally by invitation only. However, if you have an interesting case study you cannot wait to share, feel free to get in touch to discuss the options.