16th Annual Chemical & Pharma Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Summit

3 - 4 March 2021 I Online

It is safe to say that the recent pandemic has hit all spheres of our lives and procurement processes are no different. But even in these difficult times, it is important to keep in mind the focus of your company. If you need a push in how to best go about digitalisation, implementing sustainability into your supply or building relationships with the right suppliers, look no further than our upcoming 16th Chemical & Pharma Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Summit!

For the first time in the history of one of our oldest events, we are bringing procurement and sourcing professionals from chemical and pharmaceutical industry under one “conference roof”. Take this worthwhile opportunity and network with representatives of DSM, Bayer, Solvay, UCB, Air Liquide and many others.

Hottest topics will be discussed this annual

  • The impact of COVID-19 on procurement and sourcing
  • Why do many digital transformation programmes fail and how to execute them effectively?
  • AI-based procurement solutions: Opportunities and obstacles
  • Solutions to implement and improve the sustainability and ethics in sourcing
  • The increasing value of effective supplier relationship management
  • Building agile procurement: How to maximise opportunities and minimise risks
  • How to reduce costs and increase value in the COVID-19 affected world?
  • Facing the new normal: Redefining the procurement operating model



Global Director Procurement Transformation


The Question “To Digitalise or Not to Digitalise” Is More Important Today Than Ever

What do these changing processes mean for the procurement organisation? And how do you create good change management? In short: how do you as an organisation survive in a changing world and how do you make optimal use of all the possibilities that digitalisation brings? The key message will be about change management that is key to making these transformations a success for the organisation.

• Innovation
• Transformation
• Digitalisation
• Change management
• Procurement transformation and COVID-19

Dr. Thorsten FALLISCH

Associate Director Procurement Strategy & Governance


The Challenges and Benefits of Implementing Category Strategies in Procurement

In Grünenthal’s procurement organisation, the development of category strategies is a key element of its excellence roadmap. Hear about the centre piece of the category strategy framework, the “Procurement Strategy Cube”. See, how Grünenthal ensures, that strategies are coming alive. Learn what the major challenges were. Find out what benefits procurement and the company gained.

• Category strategies
• Procurement Strategy Cube
• Bringing strategies into being
• Challenges and benefits of category strategies


Operations Manager


Supplier Relationship Management – Overcoming Roadblocks in Your Supply and Logistic Through Proper Management Model

How Bayer's External Relationship Governance model adds value to the business ensuring a reliable partnership.

• Few highlights on Brazilian roadblocks
• How Bayer established a trustful relationship with CMO to guarantee supply
• Case presentation

Patricia LORTON

Head of Supplier Management & Governance


Sustainable Procurement

The presentation provides an overview on sustainability in Linde and how it is conducted within procurement. Despite the outbreak, Linde has continued the journey with suppliers on sustainability and demonstrated the added value within supply chain.

• Linde introduction
• Sustainability at Linde
• Sustainable procurement outcomes

Jeremy FRY

Demand Management Leader Excellence Centre


The Pandemic Has Accelerated the Need for Demand Management

The pandemic has certainly accelerated the need for companies to start adopting Demand Management practices, because securing free cash flow has become even more important than before to avoid jeopardising a company’s financial performance.

• Spending on what really matters and setting the right budget
• Optimising the use of solutions and assets
• Key success factors – Spending money where it creates the most value

Always a great opportunity to meet other pharma procurement professionals and to learn some new ideas and approaches.

Senior Director of Logistics at Teva

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