17th Annual Chemical and Pharma
Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit

2-3 March 2022 | Vienna

Sourcing and procurement have a number of different and unusual characteristics, both in their structure and in the nature of their business operations, which are little known outside the industries but which materially affect the process of bringing new strategies and seeking out a successful partnership. Against the backdrop, we observe upcoming trends which are affecting the future of the chemical and pharma industries: sustainability, demographics, and technology.

The 17th Annual Chemical and Pharma Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Summit has been designed to investigate how these observations as well as the strategic context of the chemical and pharma industries are changing and deliberate about business expansion through automated technology. At this remarkable meeting, experienced leaders will dwell on major challenges and trends in the field of procurement & sourcing, such as recovering production after lockdowns, touchless procurement, centralised data management, automation tools, strategies for successful partnership, reinventing procurement function, ways for cost-savings, procurement value matrix and much more.

Do you want to know how to create a robust procurement strategy, or how to make procurement the heart of what you do? Do not miss a chance to reserve your seat among C-Level experts and join this interactive business conference on 2nd – 3rd March 2022. If you are looking for a place where you can learn and get inspired by top players within pharma & chemical industries, this is the right place!

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Materials shortages: How to handle material shortages and be better prepared for the future
  • The collaborative player: Clear need for procurement to function less as an isolated unit within an organisation
  • The new bottom line in procurement – Strategies for successful partnerships
  • Sustainability and environmentalism: Procurement with a purpose
  • How today’s procurement trends drive tomorrow’s innovations: The prime focus on the forces of change that will reshape the future of procurement
  • The higher the procurement value proposition, the better procurement is perceived: How to get the elusive “seat at the table”?
  • Unleash the power of procurement: Using process automation tools to implement the strategy and monitor its progress
  • Centralised data management: How to enhance supplier evaluation and risk management, as well as provide valuable insights through external data
  • Changing in procurement cost-reduction targets as a result of COVID-19



Group CPO & Transform


Air Liquide Procurement Transformation Journey

In 2020, Air Liquide launched a transformation project involving the full worldwide procurement organisation (~ 1000 people). The objectives were: (i) leverage and globalise nearly 10B€ of spend, shifting local sourcing to global sourcing; (ii) simplify & harmonise our processes and (iii) develop professional teams. Since then we have progressed significantly with the set-up of a collaborative suppliers management, the on-going deployment of the Zycus digital procurement solution for sourcing to contract and the creation of a procurement learning centre. The speaker will share the key highlights of the transformation, how they are leveraging digital to upskill their procurement function and increase their day-to-day efficiency, the challenges and the lessons learned.

• Setting up of Procurement Boards at Global and Hub levels involving the business and giving a clear mandate to the procurement function
• Strengthening our management of suppliers by setting up category councils at global or geographic hub levels
• Professionalisation of procurement teams
• Harmonisation of our processes to design our Digital Procurement Solution
• Delivering a worldwide Digital Procurement Solution, which embraces all strategic procurement processes from sourcing to contract, with a deployment by geographic waves
• Main challenges: Harmonising processes and using a worldwide solution connecting close to 40 ERPs
• Some key success factors of the project: Governance, data and change management

Dagmar LAUE

Global Procurement Leader


What Is Needed to Transform Procurement into a Strategic Business Partner?

Visibility and perceived impact of procurement has increased significantly during the recent supply disruptions. This represents an opportunity to build sustainable alliances with the businesses and to maximise future impact. What can procurement leaders do to further strengthen, expand and shape the relationships with business stakeholders?

• What can procurement do to obtain and to keep the “seat at the table”?
• How can procurement contribute beyond savings & supply?
• Which skills are needed to overcome barriers?


Head Corporate Services Procurement


Procurement as Business Partners and Spend Managers

• A strategic focus on cost optimisation to fund organic and inorganic growth bringing procurement to the table
• Moving procurement from a tender machine to business partners and spend managers
• Spend visibility and scenario building helping drive business decisions and deepen relationship with stakeholders
• From buying cheaper to buying right and buying less
• How can procurement view help the business make strategic decisions related to its cost/spend/budgets?
• How can we work more closely with business stakeholders in a mutually satisfactory way?
• How can procurement influence key business decisions?


Head of Procurement for Services


Let Us Be Strategic Partner to the Business

Last year we in SIBUR dedicated to the transformation from the operational function to the centre of expertise. The expectations were high and the measures were good. But now we try to learn the lessons and be better: the achievements are re-estimated and next steps are planned. Now we can share our way and discuss in every detail what can we bring to the business except for savings and short-time procedures via category management.

• What was our view of the way to become a partner? Expectations and reality
• Lessons learned: Let’s try again – Are we ready to be the partner?
• Competences, digitalisation and KPIs sounds great, but what can we bring to the business? Examples, effects, future road map
• Is it still interesting for the purchaser? What do we do to keep the procurement energy?

Fraser HILL

General Manager Digital & Process Transformation


The Collaborative Player: Clear Need for Procurement to Function Less as an Isolated Unit Within an Organisation

The Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff advocated “Total Football” – playing a fluid and attacking style of play, with all players responsible for attacking and defending.
In a modern organisation, the Function is dead, instead we need to approach business as Cruyff approached football – and procurement needs to mirror this philosophy across people, systems, data and process to deliver extraordinary results.

• As we move into Industry 4.0, businesses are no longer manufacturing and selling products, instead they solve customer problems across an ecosystem where suppliers can be customers and customers can be suppliers
• With this new operating reality and trends towards self-forming teams, fluid business models and ever-changing internal and external stakeholders, the traditional Industrial Organisation model of org chart, functions and underliving process systems and data are increasingly less relevant

Always a great opportunity to meet other pharma procurement professionals and to learn some new ideas and approaches.

– Senior Director of Logistics Teva

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